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17th MEC International Qurban Organisation, which has been organised in Indonesia by the Australian MEC Foundation for 16 years, is now organised by the Mahmud Esad Cosan Education, Culture, Friendship and Charity Foundation (“MEC Vakfi”) in Turkey. Wakalah owners are given the option to distribute their shares in Turkiye or Indonesia.

By the MEC Vakfi, which brought different innovations to the Qurban Organisation to be held this year; a total of 4 kg for each needy person in 500 gr. packages of the qurbani shares and it is aimed to be delivered as boneless meat. In addition, shareholders of the Organization’s Turkiye leg are offered the opportunity to participate in the distribution of qurban shares.

Some of the innovations to the Qurban Organization that MEC Vakfi aims to achieve include: boneless meat packed in 500 gr. bags with 4kg’s distributed to the needy. The Organizations’ Turkiye part will also offer the opportunity for the wakalah owner to partake in the distribution of the qurban shares.

The Best and Finest Qurbani

MEC Vakfi, with its 17 year ongoing Qurban Organisation, aims to facilitate those Muslims living in different parts of the world who cannot perform the worship of Qurban properly and to spread goodness and brotherhood. In order to achieve this the procurement stage of the organisation begins early. The average weight of cattle is 350kg with only veal and heifers. The average weight of sheep is 45kg made up of local breeds.

Process under the supervision of a notary public and religious official

MEC Vakfi, which attaches special importance to the slaughtering, resting and delivery of the qurbans in accordance with Islamic methods, prefers modern facilities in order to carry out the slaughtering and packaging processes of the qurbans in a timely and healthy manner.

Some of the most important conditions of the worship of qurban are the wakalah, takbir and basmala. During the slaughtering, the names of the wakalah owners are mentioned one by one and the wakalahs are given to the qurban processing team. In the Organisation held this year, processes are carefully carried out in order to ensure that notary and religious officials are ready at the abattoirs in order to supervise and control the promised conditions. Qurban taking place in Australia will include officials from halal certifiers.

4 KG Gift Package for Each Needy Person

Emphasizing the importance of resting for a healthy meat, the MEC Vakfi ensures that the meat is left to rest in a hygienic environment to cut into small pieces at the next stage. Just how individuals perform their qurban worship for their own homes and their neighbours the same care is shown. The cattle meat will be completely separated from the bones and cut into small pieces, placed into bags of 500gr and mixed into packeges of 4kg’s for each needy recipient. The sheep share is packaged in approximately 4kg’s bone in and distributed as gifts.

Distribution to Real Needy People

“Many people around the world are struggling with hunger and poverty. The greater the cooperation, the closer people become. Good deeds magnify good deeds. With the qurban, people get closer to each other and hearts get closer to Allah.” Aiming to bring hearts closer to Allah and to bring Muslims around the world closer to each other with kindness and respect through the worship of qurban, MEC Vakfi pays attention to “reaching those in real need”.

The identification of those in need begins approximately 3 months before the Eid al-Adha. Both in Turkiye and in Indonesia; With the help of the relevant public institutions and organisations, the needy people are determined by the volunteers in the cities where the distribution will be made.

In the MEC International Qurban Organization, the capacity is predetermined in order for the sacrifice to be performed properly. It is determined how many kg’s of meat will be given to each needy person and how many people in need can be reached within the framework of this capacity. Coupons are delivered to share holders before distribution. When the day of distribution comes, the share of those in need are delivered with respect and courtesy without causing any stampede.

Distribution in Turkiye and Indonesia

After completing the necessary official permit processes, MEC Vakfi, which accelerated its works for processing and distribution regions for Turkey, brings a significant difference with the Organization to be held this year. MEC Vakfi, which carries out distribution activities solely with volunteer groups, wants to share the happiness of reaching those in real need with the wakalah owners. Also, wakalah owners that want to participate in distributions in Turkiye are also offered the opportunity to participate in distribution within the capacity and in order of priority. At the modern meat processing facilities in Afyon, in the Turkish leg of the Organisation; distribution is planned to be made in Adana, Afyon, Ankara, Balikesir, Bursa, Denizli, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Karabuk, Kayseri, Kırıkkale, Kocaeli, Konya, Sakarya and Yozgat provinces. In the overseas leg of the organization, the processing is planned to be carried out in Australia and the distributions in Indonesia.

Indonesia is known as one of the countries with the largest Muslim population. At the same time, it stands out as a country where the number of people in need is high. In addition, Indonesia is in a priority position due to its proximity to Australia, where the international qurban is processed. In the 17th MEC International Qurban Organisation, an important quota is set aside to reach those in need in Indonesia. For this reason, wakalah owners are expected to pay special attention to this region when giving their proxies.

For the qurban to be processed and distributed in Turkey at the 17th MEC International Qurban Organisation, a cattle share can be obtained for 2,800 TL and a sheep for 2,950 TL.

The cattle share, which will be processed in Australia and distributed in Indonesia, can be purchased for 250 Australian Dollars and an sheep qurban for 270 Australian Dollars.

Informative content about the organization can be accessed at and wakalah processes can be accessed at