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17th MEC International Qurban Organisation

Continuing uninterruptedly since 2006 and this year being held for the 17th time, the MEC International Qurban Organisation is allowing distribution in Turkiye, and unlike previous years the wakalah owner could also take part in this distribution process!

About Us

MEC International Qurban Organisation, which has been organised for 17 years since 2006, aims to spread the awareness that qurban is a form of worship and must be done in order to gain Allah’s consent.

By accepting wakalahs of our muslim brothers and sisters from all around the world, who want to fulfil the worship of qurban properly; we present slaughtereds by first hand and directly to those in need, with the expression “A gift from all Muslims of the world” with courtesy and respect.

17th MEC International Qurban Organisation is organised by MEC Vakfı in collaboration with MEC Foundation (Australia) and Yayasan Server (Indonesia).

Organisation Processes

Acception of wakalahs.

Qurban wakalahs are accepted from all around the world through online payment and they are classified as wajib, aqiqah, nadhr, and sadaqah.

Procurement of qurbans that meets criterias.

It starts the procurement process of the qurbans, whose suitability for slaughter is meticulously checked in terms of age and health criteria, at an early stage. Only calves and heifers with an average weight of 350 kg in bovines and local breeds with an average weight of 45 kg in small cattle are provided, the best and most beautiful ones are obtained, and earring numbers are taken.

Completion of slaughter process under officials supervision.

Special attention is paid to slaughtering the qurbans in accordance with Islamic methods and resting them in accordance with health requirements, and modern, certified and inspected facilities are preferred in order to carry out these processes in the most correct way. In addition to foundation officials and veterinarians, notary public and religious officials accompany the section in our country, and halal registration agency officials accompany the section in Australia.

Informing the wakalah owners.

Wakalah holders are informed via e-mail, SMS and/or Whatsapp regarding different transactions, especially after acceptance of the wakalah and the completion of the slaughtering process.

Storage of meat under suitable conditions.

After the pre-resting process in Turkiye, the meat is packaged in accordance with distribution and frozen at -40 degrees. Shocked meats are kept in cabinets at -18 degrees and shipped to distribution places by vehicles with cold air system (-18).

On the other hand in Australia, the meat is kept in cold storage during the legal rest period. At the end of the rest period, it is loaded into containers with cold air equipment. After the official procedures are completed, the cold chain is preserved and transported to Indonesia by ships. Packages are also stored in cold storage during distribution.

Identification of the needy in cooperation with official institutions and volunteers.

In Turkiye, families in real need living in cities where it has been decided to distribute qurban meat within the scope of the organisation are reached with the support of relevant public institutions and organisations and our volunteers.

In the overseas leg of the organisation, the regions where the distribution will be made and the families in need are determined by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. After the distribution lists are created, these identified families are given coupons with sequence numbers.

In the MEC International Qurban Organisation, those in real need are seen as “beneficiaries”.

Meat distribution to the beneficiaries is done with precision.

Distribution is carried out under the control of MEC Vakfi itself and with completely volunteer groups. Wakalah owners who prefers their share to be distributed in Turkiye are provided with the opportunity to participate in the distribution.

In Turkiye,  the distribution is supposed to be held in the cities; Adana, Afyon, Aksaray, Ankara, Balikesir, Bursa, Denizli, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir, Karabuk, Kayseri, Kirikkale, Kocaeli, Konya, Kutahya, Sakarya and Yozgat.

Within the scope of the organisation, the gifts of the muslims of the world are delivered to the real right holders of the trust by first hand and without intermediaries.


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17th MEC International Qurban Organisation Introduction Video

Organisation Processes 0:55

17th MEC International Qurban Organisation Processes

Since 2006 under this Organisation, we helped hundreds of thousands of families and millions of people to smile.

of meat distribution
to those in real need
since the beginning

Can I donate aqiqah, nadhr or other nafilah qurban to this organisation?

Besides your wajib qurban, you can also donate your aqiqah, nadhr and other nafilah qurbans. For this, it is sufficient to select the wakalah type when adding a qurban in the wakalah form.

How can I participate to the distribution in Turkiye?

After choosing Turkiye as the “Delivery Country” in the wakalah form, “I want to take part in the distribution.” You can mark the option and select the city you want to participate in the distribution. Those who want to participate in the distribution will be contacted and they will be informed about their preferences. There is a certain quota for participation in the distribution, after this quota is exceeded, there is no possibility to participate.

My qurban application failed at the credit card payment stage. What could be the reason for this situation?

First of all, we recommend that you double-check your card information, the expiration date of the card and your CVC2 number. If you cannot complete the transaction even though you have entered the information correctly, your credit card may have been blocked for internet use by your bank for security. In this case, we recommend that you contact your bank. Or your card may have been closed for transactions with a foreign unit or for using abroad. We recommend that you check this situation with your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach the different questions we have been asked about MEC International Qurban Organisation processes or qurban worship, and the answers we have prepared for these, on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.


Slaughter and distribution in Turkiye, average live animal weight is 45 kg. The wakalah owner may participate in the distribution.

2.950 TL


Slaughter and distribution in Turkiye, average live animal weight is 350 kg. The wakalah owner may participate in the distribution.

2.800 TL


Slaughter in Australia and distribution in Indonesia, average live animal weight 50 kg.

270 AUD


Slaughter in Australia and distribution in Indonesia, average live animal weight 350 kg.

250 AUD

Do it right, do it for Allah

MEC Foundation, which carries out distribution activities with completely volunteer groups, wants to share the happiness of reaching those in real need with the wakalah owners.

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